Village Tours

Village Tours

Take a walk through a village and discover the simple life of rural Nepal where farming, looking after goats or cattle, cooking and washing clothes take up almost all their time.

Whether you are in the southern jungles of Nepal, the culturally rich valleys or high in the mountains, taking a village tour you will witness traditional life in Nepal intact.  It is a fascinating opportunity to discover people living a life that seems frozen in time.

More than 75 percent of Nepal's population is dependent on agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing, which shows that the majority of the Nepal's population live in villages. Visit a village and learn more about Nepal.

Guests can learn a lot about farming from the people in the village; about the time and season of cultivation and time for harvesting. They will show their natural skills, making ends meet using nothing more than natural resources. What amazes visitors is how they seem so happy with so little. This is true for most village people in Nepal and that impacts the visitors. 

Community homestays are giving visitors an opportunity to experience life in a village. Stay with a family in a remote village, eating with them and watching their traditions first hand. You get a peek into rural Nepal at close quarters and some of these also include cultural programs, indigenous songs and dances performed by local youth, something you will take back home and remember for a long time. 

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