Heritage Site Entry Fees

Heritage Site Entry Fees

Heritage Site Entry Fees

Check for entry fees to Heritage Sites, museums & other places to include in your city tour.

Entry fees must be paid to enter Heritage Sites, museums etc. at the entry point. Positive discriminatory entry fees are applicable to most of the sightseeing spots, i.e. different fees to Nepali (visitors and students), SAARC and Third-Country (other than SAARC) visitors.

Please refer to the table below for details about payment. Please note that the information below is as per the information provided by the concerned departments. Any difference or discrepancy can be reported at info@ntb.org.np. Updates will be made after verification from official sources.

Entry Fees for Sites in Kathmandu Valley
SiteForeign NationalsSAARC NationalsChineseNepaleseContact NumberRemarks
Kathmandu Durbar Square including Tribhuvan MuseumNPR 1000NPR 500
NPR 1000Free01-5368969
Below 10 years free
National Museum, Chauni, KathmanduNPR 150 (NPR 100 for camera, NPR 200 for video camera)NPR 50 (NPR 75 for camera, NPR 150 for video camera)NPR 150 (NPR 100 for camera, NPR 200 for video camera)Students:NPR10; Others: NPR 25 (NPR 50 for camera and NPR100 for video camera)01-4271504
Closed on Tuesdays and Public Holidays. Open for half day on Mondays from (10:30 am to 2 pm)
Patan Durbar Square including Patan MuseumNPR 1,000NPR 250
NPR 1,000Students with letter from school : NPR 10; Student Card Discount: NPR15; Others: NPR30 Entry fees for Nepalese are applicable only for Patan Museum
Patan Golden TempleNPR 100NPR 50NPR 100Free01-5434595
Closed on Buddha Jayanti
Bhaktapur Durbar SquareUS$ 18 or NPR 1,800NPR 500NPR 500Free01-6612249Below 10 years free. For groups from 11-20, one tour leader can enter free.
National Art Museum, BhaktapurNPR 150 (NPR 100 for camera, NPR 200 for video camera)NPR 50 (NPR 50 for camera, NPR 150 for video camera)NPR 150 (NPR 100 for camera, NPR 200 for video camera)Students: NPR10; Others: NPR25 (NPR 50 for camera, NPR 100 for video camera)01-6610004Closed on Tuesdays. The fee includes wood carving and brass and bronze museum in Dattrareya Square.
Swayambhu StupaNPR 200NPR 50NPR 200Free01-4281889
Below 10 years free.
Boudha StupaNPR 400NPR 100NPR 400Free01-4589257Below 10 years free.
Pashupatinath TempleNPR 1,000 per day per entryNPR 1,000. Free for Indian NationalsNPR 1,000Free01-4462767
Tourists can view the temple from the back premises.
Changunarayan TempleNPR 300NPR 100NPR 300Free01-5090958 
Ethnographic Museum, NTB, BhrikutimandapNPR 200NPR 100NPR 50Students: NPR 25; Others: NPR 3001-4256909
Extension no. 172
Garden of Dreams, KatmanduNPR 400NPR 400NPR 400NPR 15001-4525340
Below 5 years free. NPR 50 fro 5-11 years. 25% discount for a group of 10 pax.
Godawari ParkNPR 500 (NPR 200 for children below 10 years)NPR 200 (NPR 100 for children below 10 years)NPR 100 (NPR 50 for children below 10 years)NPR 50 (NPR 20 for children below 10 years)01-5174246Student 50% discount.
Central ZooNPR1000 (NPR 250 for children 4-12 years )NPR 500 (NPR 250 for children 4-12 years )NPR 250 (NPR 150 for children 4-12 years )NPR 200 (NPR 75 for children 4-12 years) 01-5428323Nepali Students: NPR 135;
Entry Fees for Sites in Lumbini
SiteForeign NationalsSAARC NationalsChineseNepaleseContact NumberRemarks
LumbiniNPR 700NPR 400NPR 700NPR 20071-404040
NPR 16 for Indians.
Lumbini MuseumNPR 50NPR 50NPR 50NPR 1001-580318Closed
Kapilvastu MuseumNPR 10NPR 5NPR 10NPR 2 Closed on Tuesdays
Entry Fees for Sites in Chitwan
SiteForeign NationalsSAARC NationalsChineseNepaleseContact NumberRemarks
Chitwan National ParkNPR 2,000 per day per entry +13% VATNPR 1,000 per day per entry+13% VATNPR 2,000 per day per entry+13% VATNPR 150+13% VAT056-621069Elephant ride fare - Foreigner: NPR 2,500; SAARC: NPR 1,500; Nepali NPR 500
Chitwan Elephant Breeding CampNPR 100NPR 50NPR 100NPR 25056-580154 
Tharu Cultural Museum, ChitwanNPR 25NPR 15NPR 25NPR 10
Below 10 years free.

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