Camping or Glamping? Something for everybody, you name it Nepal has it!

With a total of ten National Parks, three Wildlife Reserves, six Conservation Areas and one Hunting Reserve spread across the country, Nepal offers the campers with a huge variety of landscapes to choose from. Filled with remote trails, unexplored territories, national parks, and trekking routes, camping in Nepal encourages travelers to explore the untouched beauty of the majestic hills. Being a very popular outdoor activity there are numerous camping sites in and outside Kathmandu that provide travelers with the whole camping experience.

Many camping sites are usually located near villages making it easier for the campers to have access to basic facilities, if needed. Some of the most popular camping sites in Nepal are, Nagarkot, Shivapuri, Gorkha, Chitlang, Lapsiphedi, Pokhara, Tarebhir, Koshi Tappu, Ganesh Himal and more. Currently, areas such as Shivapuri, Bardiya, Chiwan cater to the travelers interested in luxury camping or glamping by providing them with tents that consist of five-star facilities and amenities that could rival similar services given in any other part of the world.Get in touch with your local travel agent to plan a camping trip of a lifetime.

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