Experience Nepal the local way by living and eating with the locals!

Living with locals can help travellers have an authentic hands-on local travel experience. The homestays spread across Nepal in places, mostly villages such as Panauti, Bardiya, Shree Antu, Palpa, Nuwakot, Nagarkot to name a few. Homestays provide a unique opportunity to experience the diverse cultures and landscapes while creating meaningful memories. From eating home cooked Nepali food to participating in festivals and the daily lives of Nepali people, there’s no better way to experience and learn about Nepali culture and life.

It allows travellers to stay with the locals, take part in local activities led by the local guides that showcase the best of the locality. The different activities provided by the communities include:

Exploring locality with hiking and outdoor activities

Exposure to cultural and rural lifestyles 

Engaging in arts and culinary workshops

Discovering native wildlife

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