Museums of Nepal

According to the Department of Archaeology, there are more than 50 museums in Nepal that showcase Nepali history and culture to visitors. With museums spread across the country, each one is unique and displays something that the other museums do not. Museum hopping in Nepal is a unique experience because many of these establishments are former palaces that have been converted into galleries or galleries that display historical artwork, cultural pieces, and so on.

The National Museum of Nepal is located in Kathmandu and is the country's largest museum, displaying weapons, statues, artwork, murals, and collections of various natural species that display samples of Nepal's age-old cultural and natural heritage. Apart from this, three museums are located in the premises of UNESCO Cultural Heritage premises in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Squares.

The majority of Nepali museums house centuries-old items demonstrating Nepal’s world-class craftsmanship. Aside from history buffs, these museums are also useful research places for anthropologists and culture enthusiasts. Visit the museums of Nepal to learn about the lives of Nepali people and their cultural evolution over time.

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