Mountain Viewing

Mountain Viewing

There are countless ways to see mountain views right from the time you fly into Kathmandu. From your window on a plane , from the airport, on a trek or just driving somewhere, you always get to see the mountains.

Whether you have only one day or several weeks, Nepal offers the best mountain viewing options in the world. Take a trip to Nagakot or Dhulikhel from where there are panoramic views of the Himalayas. Whether it is a Mountain flight or a gruelling trek to the Everest or Annapurnas; from the time you are flying in, you will be blessed with gorgeous views of snowy peaks. 

The Himalayas form the northern border of Nepal with Tibet and Kathmandu is approximately 65 km in a straight line from the border so it is possible to get many fantastic views of the greater Himalayan range within a short driving distance from your hotel in Kathmandu. 

From Kathmandu a short drive to Nagarkot will take you to the rim of the Kathmandu Valley, with a large number of hotels to choose from and you could stay overnight to watch the colourful sunrise and sunset. Take a walk around the nearby hills for better views. This visit can be combined with a short tour of Bhaktapur and walk through a city that resembles a city from medieval times with its brick houses, narrow brick roads and ancient temples. Take a drive afterwards to Hattiban which is further to the south allowing amazing views as the horizon extends to the Annapurna massif to the west and Jugal range to the east. 

Drive to Dhulikhel, approximately an hour's drive east of Kathmandu where you are greeted by a panoramic views which includes the Langtang range. You can spend a night here to witness the superb sunrise and sunset.

Visit Pokhara for further adventure and head up to Sarangkot for spectacular views of the Annapurna range, or take a jeep dive so you can overnight at Dhampus, and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset over one of the best mountain vistas in Nepal.

There are countless destinations for mountain views since you can get up close to the Himalayas as the process of road development continues.  Adventures like sky diving and paragliding will offer 360 degree views of these giants.

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