Visit Bandipur to experience the rich hill culture, mountain views & hiking.

The hilltop settlement of Bandipur, predominantly a Newar town with its age-old flavor still intact is well preserved and invites travelers to experience its unique offerings: rich hill culture, mountain views, and hiking.  Bandipur has retained its age-old cultural attributes - temples, shrines, sacred caves, innumerable festivals, and a Newari architecture.

Popular attractions of Bandipur are the hills that are ideal for hiking along trails that pass through tribal villages, verdant forests, and hilltop shrines that once doubled as forts; it is also the home to Asia’s second largest and Nepal’s largest cave Siddha Gufa; Bandipur Tundikhel; Thani Mai Temple located at the top of the hill that provides the visitors with a stunning 360 degree view of the town of Bandipur, Annapurna range and the hills that surround it.

The nearest airport is in Pokhara about 76.5 km, travelers can take a bus from there and reach Bandipur in about two hours and ten minutes. Tourist standard hotels, inns and homestays are available for accommodation in Bandipur.

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