International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum

International Mountain Museum

The International Mountain Museum (IMM) has a striking exterior. It was built with the goal of recording, documenting, exhibiting, and chronicling the evolution of mountain and mountaineering activities around the world from the beginning to the present. Many mountaineering clubs and associations, as well as individual donors from all over the world, have contributed significantly to its success. The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) established the museum with the theme 'Man, Mountain, and Mountain Activities Around the World.' As a result, the entire museum's display area has been divided along the theme.

The exhibition Halls are:

Hall of Mountain People: This hall exhibits the customs, traditions, heritage, culture and way of life of the mountain people. 

Hall of World Mountains: This hall displays geological facts about the origins of world mountain systems as well as all fourteen peaks over 8000 meters. The hall also exhibits and explains the Himalayan flora and fauna. Another feature of the museum is its emphasis on individuals such as Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah (the NMA's founder president), Dr. Toni Hagen (a renowned geologist and lover of Nepal who published the first pictorial "Nepal"), Reverend Ekai Kawaguchi (the first Japanese to visit Nepal in 1899), and Dr. Harka Gurung (Renowned scholar, geographer, development planner and first Tourism Minister of Nepal).

Mountain Activities Hall: This hall is dedicated to mountain activities such as mountaineering and trekking, and it highlights historical ascents and explorations in and around mountainous regions. Surprisingly, it also highlights the advancement of climbing gear and other essential mountaineering equipment.

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