Meghauli is the western entrance of Chitwan National Park and located on the banks of the Rapti and Narayani rivers. It falls in the buffer zone region and is a great place to experience the indigenous Tharu culture. Sunset at Golghat, the confluence of the rivers is popular among visitors. In good weather the Himalaya can be seen toward the north from Golghat. 

With 25-km community forest sheltering rich flora and fauna, Meghauli is ideal for wildlife viewing, birdwatching and jungle activities. Cultural performances like Tharu stick dance, tiger dance and ghost dance are much enjoyed by visitors. Popular international sport activities like para jumping and elephant polo are held here every year. Meghauli offers the services of top hotels and resorts that present the best of wildlife and nature experience. Tharu homestays and local restaurants are available for those who are looking for more authentic cultural experience. Meghauli is about half-an-hour drive from Bharatpur

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