Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Activities:  Jungle safari, jungle walk, canoe ride, jeep drive, experience of Tharu culture

Accommodation: Resorts, hotels and lodges

Access: The park headquarters at Kasara is a 21-km drive from Bharatpur which is 20 minutes by air or 146 km by road from Kathmandu

Wildlife: 56 species of mammals that include One-horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, rhesus monkey, langur, deer, leopard, gaur, wild boar, wild dog and wild cat; 49 species of amphibians and reptiles that include the endangered long snouted gharial, marsh mugger crocodile and python

Birds: 525 species of birds that include summer migrant birds like paradise flycatcher, Indian pitta and parakeets etc. during summer, while winter birds include waterfowl, Brahminy ducks, pintails, bar-headed geese, cormorants and migratory birds from Siberia

Vegetation: Tropical and sub-tropical forests

Best Season: October-March (average temperature 25 degrees Celsius), April- June (hot, up to 43 degrees Celsius), July-September (rainy)

Park Headquarters: Kasara

Added Attraction: Devghat, Padavnagar, Balmiki Ashram, Kabilaspur, Chepang Hill Trail

Entrance Fee: Nepali - NPR 150 per day per entry, SAARC nationals - NPR 1,000 per person per day, Foreigners - NPR 2,000 per person per day

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