Full Moon Concerts at Kirateshwar

Full Moon Concerts at Kirateshwar

Experiennce spiritualism during musical concerts held every full moon at the Kirateshwar temple near Pashupati.

The Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple is located within the Pashupatinath area. It lies between Pashupatinath and Gujeshwori, on the east bank of the River Bagmati. What attracts people is not just the temple, but the full-moon classical music concert that takes place every full-moon night.

The Kirateshwar Sangeet Ashram is a music institution that teaches classical music and also organises the full moon concerts. It was established in 1991. Other activities include teaching vocals and musical instruments and holding competitions among the students etc.

Once a year, the students of the Ashram participate in the under-18 music competition. Vocals, instruments, and rhythm are the three categories among which the participants are judged. The winner, along with cash prize and a one-year scholarship, gets a chance to perform at the full-moon concert. The concert also gives the students a chance to showcase their talent.

Kirateshwar Sangeet Ashram was founded for the development of classical music in Nepal. The full-moon concert has been a legacy that goes back 25 years and continues to this day. Even when the county was going through tough times and a curfew was imposed, these classical concerts still took place in the evenings. The concerts are free and everyone is welcomed. Nationally and internationally acclaimed classical musicians are invited to perform here, on the full-moon day of each month. The concert usually takes place from 4 pm to 7 pm.

They create soothing music with classical instruments and vocals..Tabla (a membranophone percussion instrument), flute, harmonium, sitar are some of the regularly used instruments.during these concerts. There is a peaceful atmosphere when music takes over. The Kirateshwar full-moon concerts are something you should definitely see in Nepal.

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