Shop in Kathmandu for exotic items to take home as gifts and souvenirs.

While Nepal has a diverse range of goods available for purchase, the most popular form of shopping for visitors is unquestionably souvenir shopping. You will find exquisite handicrafts of brilliant workmanship if you walk around the Valley's markets. Stone and metal sculptures, silver and gold trinkets, and incredible wood carvings that have been mastered over time are all available in a variety of size, color and design, for purchase. You can also take back a wooden photo frame, jewelry box, or mirror to remind you of the intricate woodwork done by the skilled artists of Kathmandu, perfected over centuries.

Even holistic travelers will find a variety of items to take home with them, including the famous Nepali tea from the eastern hills, organic Nepali coffee beans, chemical free herbal bath and body items, organic body butters made of different types of butter, items made of Lokta paper, also known as Nepali paper, and incense sticks. 

Clothing and other hemp-made items can be easily found throughout Thamel and various Durbar Squares, providing another option for those who enjoy guilt-free shopping and are environmentally conscious. Handmade jewelry of silver and other semi-precious metals, as well as stones with exceptional workmanship, can be purchased in areas such as Thamel, New Road, Durbarmarg, and various Durbar Squares throughout the Valley. With so many options, you'll be able to find something one-of-a-kind to bring back home to remind you of your time in Nepal.

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