Kathmandu Valley is fun for foodies! When in Kathmandu do not miss its gastronomy offers.

The normal Nepali, the more traditional Newari or Thakali and other local varieties; as well as Indian, Continental, Chinese, Japanese, Kosher, Mexican, Halal, Spanish, all tastes are available here. 

Dining in Kathmandu Valley is quite an experience because one can find a variety of cuisines within a short distance, making switching one's taste and the ambiance quite simple. The capital city is home to several restaurants, eateries, and fine dining establishments, all of which provide excellent service. When it comes to going on a food adventure in Kathmandu, it is a foodie's paradise with an abundance of options. 

While the majority of restaurants are concentrated in areas such as Thamel, Lazimpat, Durbarmarg, Jhamsikhel, and Boudha, many others are scattered throughout the city. The majority of Kathmandu's five-star hotels run fine-dining restaurants that specialize in popular cuisines and vibrant bars that serve refreshing drinks and cocktails. 

Wine houses and cellars serving wines from around the world are also available for those who enjoy wine, and if you want to try Nepali beverages, bars and local eateries serve them as well. Explore the restaurants in the Valley on your own to learn more about Nepali food culture.

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