Sound Meditation

Meditate with the vibration of singing bowls.

Nepal is an ideal destination for meditation. Also known as Dhyana in Nepali, meditation is an activity that consists of techniques that assist an individual to reach a heightened state of self-awareness and attention. Among the various techniques of meditation, sound meditation is unique and popular among the tourists. People have been practicing Sound Meditation for decades now, to acquire a sense of mental and physical tranquility.

Compared to various techniques of meditation practiced around the world, sound meditation is unique as it uses instruments like singing bowls, gongs, bells to stimulate the mind. The sound and vibrations created during this process is said to serve as a form of therapy that helps people feel positive and mindful. For those interested, sound healing meditation centers are easily available in areas like Thamel, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara and Chitwan respectively. 

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