Makalu Barun National Park

Makalu Barun National Park

Makalu Barun National Park

Makalu Barun National Park

Activities:  Trekking, mountaineering

Accommodation: Camping

Access: Fly to Tumlingtar from Kathmandu (40 minutes) and then a six-day walk

Wildlife: Endangered red panda and snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, clouded leopard, ghoral, Himalayan tahr, wild boar, barking deer, Himalayan marmot, weasel, langur monkey and serow; Arun River has 84 varieties of fish including salmon

Birds: 400 species of birds including wren babbler, olive ground warbler

Vegetation: Sub-tropical forests to sub-alpine and alpine vegetation as the altitude increases; 47 species of orchids, 87 species of medicinal herbs, 25 of 30 varieties of rhododendrons found in Nepal, 48 species of primroses and 86 species of fodder trees; 56 rare plant species

Best Season: October-November and March-April; April-May (hot at lower elevations), June-September (monsoon)

Park Headquarters: Seduwa 

Added attractions: Arun River, Mt.Makalu - The 5th highest mountain in the world

Entrance Fee: Nepali -NPR 25 per person per entry, SAARC nationals -NPR 1,500 per person per entry, foreigners - NPR 3,000 per person per entry

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