Gorkha is the original home of the Shah dynasty that ousted the Malla kings of Kathmandu valley, paving the way for a united, modern Nepal.

Gorkha is a hill that is historically linked to the formation of modern Nepal. It has traditionally been renowned as the land of valiant warriors and the birthplace of Nepal's unifier, King Prithvi Narayan Shah. Gorkha is a portion of Gandaki Pradesh and one of the country's 77 districts. The Gorkha Durbar, which is where the Shah kings started their 239-year long reign, is also located in this hill. The Durbar, or palace, is a historic landmark built in the 16th century by Ram Shah. The palace is situated on top of a hill at a height of around 1,000 meters. This palace is about an hour's walk from the Gorkha bazaar in the city center. Gurkhas, who are Nepalese soldiers recruited by the British army, also originated from the Gorkha Durbar.

Chepe, Daraudi, Marsyangdi, and Budhi Gandaki are the four important rivers that stream through Gorkha. Gorkha has a diversified population. Gurung, Magar, Newar, and Tamang ethnic groups make about 44 percent of the overall population. The Manakamana Temple is located there along with other temples of famous sage Gorakh Nath and goddess Gorakh Kali, after whom the district was named. Gorkha is the birthplace of Nepal's history.

Gorkha Darbar and Historical Kots (Forts) located in the bazar are one of the most popular attractions followed by the fact that there 14 mountain peaks with more than 7000m elevation, including world ‘s 8th tallest peak Mt. Manaslu (8163m) in Gorkha. Manaslu Peak Climbing, Manaslu Conservation Area, ManakamanaTemple, Padmasambhava‘s Beyul Kyimolung, Milarepa‘s Caves, Ancient Monasteries Gorakhnath Cave, and Siddhi Cave are also very popular destionations.

Access and accommodation

You can take a bus or a via Kurintar from Kathmandu and you will reach Gorkha in 4 hours. Several tourist standard hotels/lodges near Manakamana Temple are readily available. Tea houses with Limited facilites along the Manaslu Circuit Trek are available. Several Tourist Standard Hotels/Lodges are also available in Gorkha Bazar

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